About me

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Hi! I’m Lucia,

I am an award-winning Photographer based in Brussels.

My style of contemporary photography and my ability to empower women, gives my clients the experience of perceiving themselves as gorgeous as ever.

Born in Italy, I have always been fascinated in art, literature and photography.​
I define my work as “Haute Couture”, because like a fashion designer, I tailor each and every shooting on wishes and desires of my clients.​
I’m on a mission to celebrate each person’s individuality and to show you how amazing you are.

A photo shoot is a great way to celebrate yourself and lift your self-esteem. I invite you to a personal session with me, it will change the way you see yourself.

I want to take the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself and help you creating your own legacy by celebrating YOU as BEAUTIFUL as you are RIGHT NOW.

My promise to you: I want to take the best photograph of you that you've ever seen.

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