Personal Branding session Info

What is a branding photo session, and why should you plan one?

A branding photo session is a strategically planned photo shoot that allows you to gain a photo bank of cohesive and on-brand photos for your website, emails, blog content, social media, marketing materials etc.


Plan Your Objectives and Goals in Advanced

Thinking about where you’ll be using the images will help you and me to plan the photo session. Think about what you have planned for your business in the upcoming months.

– Will you be promoting a new product? Make to take photos of that product during this shoot.

– If it’s a digital product, plan to take photos of your tablet, phone or computer to showcase the products digitally etc.

Think about their topics and what props you’ll want to include in the photos. Planning everything out also helps you plan and purchase the props that you want to buy. Some props, like flowers or food, only hold up for a few days, so you’ll want to plan this all out strategically.

Like any project, it’s important to spend some time at the outset to really wrap your head around your intentions and to set goals of what exactly you want to accomplish with your brand photo shoot. Not only will this give you the framework you need to plan a successful brand photo shoot, but it will also give help you to communicate your vision and goals with anyone else who is involved in the shoot, so that everyone is on the same page, knows the desired end result and how you plan to achieve that

What are you trying to achieve with the photoshoot?

It’s important to ask yourself what the intention of this photoshoot is so you can make sure your photos achieve that desired result.

– Maybe your business has just rebranded and these photos are meant to showcase your new brand and attract your ideal clients.

– Maybe you’re launching a new product, service or offering that you want to highlight, and these photos will illustrate what your new offering is all about and serve as promotional material.

– Maybe you’re using a new social media or marketing platform to promote your business and you want to ensure that your brand is well represented and you’re able to make a visual impact that is true to your brand style.

Once you’ve identified what you want your brand photos to do for you, you can start to brainstorm in our pre shooting consultation how they’ll help you achieve that, and what details will help to bring that to life for your viewers.


My approach to branding photography is focused on highlighting how unique you are and bringing out your personality to shine.

The branding photo sessions are way more than a few quick snaps saying “cheese” gazing towards a camera.

They are more about documenting the real & unique person that you are.

Your Story is important

Because that’s what makes YOU and YOUR STORY so amazing.

To book or to talk about it, please

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